Who Is Jesus?

To find Jesus as an adult, I've spent several years quietly rejecting past concepts of him. Easiest to reject is the Jesus of evangelicals.

Republican Baptist Church of Dallas

Love the all caps "THINK" in this tweet, so similar to our president's writing style. A not-so-subtle message from Jeffress is that Democrats aren't welcome at First Baptist Church in Dallas or any "Bible-believing evangelical church" for that matter. I'm trying to hang onto some of my Christian beliefs, but religious leaders like Jeffress make it... Continue Reading →

Blurring the Lines

The Federal Advisory Committee Act, passed in 1972, says Congress and the public “should be kept informed with respect to the number, purpose, membership, activities, and cost of advisory committees.” I think President Trump's Evangelical Advisory Committee meetings, dinners, and as one participant described it, "unprecedented access," should be open to public scrutiny. Expenses related to this "unprecedented access"... Continue Reading →

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