Religious Persecution Card

Despite the claim above, I don't believe social media gives a damn about Donald Trump's quote from a National Day of Prayer speech. This post is one of many that scream of "religious persecution complex" (an irrational obsessive belief that one's religious beliefs are being trampled by non-believers or diverse thinkers). It's easier to blame failures... Continue Reading →

President Coulter and VP Limbaugh – What say ye?

We now await the verdict from talk show hosts to see if the government of the United States of America will remain open this Friday. Imagine the President of the United States cowering beneath the iron will opinion of these two wackos.  To quote our our very articulate president, "SAD!"

Trump’s Poetry Slam

Maybe the president needs to be cautious in the use of juxtaposition in his poetry. “If there’s going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation.” ~Donald Trump, President of the United States Quid pro quo interpretation of his little couplet: You better quit investigating me or I’ll start vetoing anything you... Continue Reading →


Update: It is sad that this presidential harassment continues from comedians, especially in reruns! He continues to whine about being picked on by his critics, a sad quality in a leader. Since his whining is a recurring theme, I've pasted a profile image that seems more appropriate to the content of his tweets.   It... Continue Reading →

A Good Case for Laxatives

The current president makes a good case for the regular use of laxatives, or better yet, morning exercises, to encourage regular bowel movements and reduced time spent sitting on a toilet. The following tweets were sent out by our country's leader on the morning of December 7, probably in anticipation of sentencing recommendations for his... Continue Reading →

Twelve or Ninety-Two Million?

President Donald J. Trump managed to avoid military service. He now wants a military parade on the taxpayers' tab. Early cost estimates were twelve million for his little procession. Not an unreasonable expense to keep the little boy-man happy. Estimates for the president's parade have now soared to ninety-two million. Twelve or ninety-two? These are... Continue Reading →

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