Thank you, Dr. Jeffress

How I appreciate this religious leader weighing in on a scientific issue! Looks like his "IMAGINARY climate crisis" is melting glaciers in Glacier National Park at profound and measurable rates. While there are examples of extreme reactions to climate change, there are things that just make sense to do in protecting our environment. Jeffress uses... Continue Reading →

The Petroleum President

Political leadership has demonstrated a strong reluctance to reduce our dependence on petroleum energy sources. I think the economic interests of the oil industry dictate our leaders' political priorities. How different might the world be if we'd aggressively pursued alternative forms of energy like sun and wind? We're now situated so that a single drone strike can... Continue Reading →

Mary Oliver Reflection

Mary Oliver's poem captures feelings of my own faith-journey. Like tectonic plates gathering energy over time, once-solid and rarely questioned bedrock scrapes against the rawness of life, causing subtle (or not so subtle) changes in the shape of things. For better or worse, I tend to speak up now, where I once remained quiet. If my... Continue Reading →

President influences my purchases

President Trump has had a positive influence on my reading habits, but I never thought he would influence my buying choices. I've never been tempted by Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Ice Bottled Water, menswear, perfume, or deodorant. Nor was I ever persuaded to send urine samples to the Trump Network so they could customize... Continue Reading →

Fire starter?

Since responding to a survey indicating that I'm not satisfied with his performance, I receive repeated emails suggesting that I'm one of President Trump's best supporters. I couldn't submit the survey because a donation was required and $0 wasn't an option. Today I received the following message that was "only for top supporters." Got me to... Continue Reading →

James Comey’s memos

I'm saving this link to James Comey's memos on his meetings with President Trump because I want to be able to easily access them in the future. They make interesting reading in spite of the redactions. According to this article in the Washington Post, James Comey's handling of his memos does not merit charges. This... Continue Reading →

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