What will his legacy be?

It's so very sad to watch a man trying to appear independent while acting as a puppet. For full interview: ABC News Update: William Barr's legacy is taking shape. As of June, 2020, all fears about Barr are being realized. We tax payers are supplying his salary, but he's only working for one man.

Cotton Candy

I emailed Senator Tom Cotton during the Senate Impeachment Trial encouraging him to vote to hear from witnesses. The following letter is what I received by email. This letter could have been written prior to hearing a single argument from the Senate floor. Below his letter is my short response. Thank you for pasting Mitch... Continue Reading →

Worship Music

I'm not a fan of laid back worship music, but Deitrich's words resonate with me. The tradition in which I was raised now seems to require undivided allegiance to political leadership that I find repulsive. Rather than being honest in riding his coattails of power for political gains while calling him out for corruption, they... Continue Reading →

“I thought we were playing…”

“It was just colorful. We were playing. I thought we were playing...unfortunate the left had to get their panties in a bunch," Hyde said. Robert F. Hyde is a candidate for Congress in Connecticut. Hyde's comment says much about our current political environment. Politicians play fast and free with their responsibilities. When they're caught doing... Continue Reading →

Bearing no resemblance to prophets

Jack Graham, Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, wrote an article telling us why it is wise for Christians to support Donald Trump. If you accept his arguments at face value, then you might come away with some rationale for casting a vote for the incumbent. Not content to simply make his points for support, he... Continue Reading →

Republican Baptist Church of Dallas

Love the all caps "THINK" in this tweet, so similar to our president's writing style. A not-so-subtle message from Jeffress is that Democrats aren't welcome at First Baptist Church in Dallas or any "Bible-believing evangelical church" for that matter. I'm trying to hang onto some of my Christian beliefs, but religious leaders like Jeffress make it... Continue Reading →

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