I don’t think it’s OK!

What follows are the comments of Adam Schiff after being asked to resign as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. I typed the transcript below because I wanted my own copy for its historic significance and because I was impressed with his firm response when pressed by opposition. I have been an independent voter in... Continue Reading →


Newsflash! Russia meddled in our 2016 presidential election (continually denied by DJT). This was confirmed by Robert Mueller's investigation and indictments of twelve Russian operatives (people who've been mistreated by the investigation according to DJT). That Robert Mueller's investigation didn't find illegal collusion or obstruction of justice means there wasn't enough evidence of behavior rising... Continue Reading →

Kicking a Dead Man

The following was no surprise. Of course, The President of the United States will declare this "fake news" even as he spews three falsehoods in one tweet. Trump’s tweet contained three errors. McCain, a member of the Naval Academy’s class of 1958, graduated fifth from last in his class. The senator was not aware of... Continue Reading →

America, a Land of “Great” Extremes

I came across this graphic immediately after the Senate voted not to support President Trump's declaration of a national emergency to gain funding for a wall on the southern border. Maybe folks labeled as traitors by some actually want to reassert the balance of power between the branches of government, an important concept found in... Continue Reading →

I can’t help but look!

Sometimes I can't help but stare when I come across a great big turd on the ground. I wonder if this pathetic tweet (one of many) is just a small example of "gaslighting." By distracting me, the writer attempts to scramble my sense of reality. Even if I think what someone says is total bullshit, I fall... Continue Reading →

Is this Trump guy an actual president?

President DJT gives Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, a complete pass for his prison conditions and the death of an American prisoner at 46 minutes into this press conference. When asked if he confronted Kim Jong Un about the death of Otto Warmbier who suffered severe neurological injury from an unknown cause shortly... Continue Reading →

Is this Gaetz guy actually a lawyer?

When I saw this tweet, I was reminded that there is incompetence in all professions. Matt Gaetz, a congressman from Florida, deleted this tweet, but once you say something, it's said. I wonder why he felt the need to remove this so quickly? Could it be...I don't know, incompetence, stupidity, or is he trying to... Continue Reading →


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