When People Show You Who They Are

Sometimes you just have to take people at their word and believe they're showing you who they are. On June 27, 2020, a man wore this shirt at an emotional gathering in Union County, Arkansas, where some citizens were organizing to "save a Confederate Statue and preserve their heritage." This photo is from a screenshot... Continue Reading →

Embarrassing to see grown men groveling

My response: Respectfully disagree. The US flag is a symbol and can take care of itself without a law that conflicts with the freedoms it stands for. Put your time and effort somewhere else. I could have continued that it was beneath Representative Womack to be President Trump's water carrier. It's also embarrassing to see... Continue Reading →

Conspiracy Theories By the Dozen

I’ve been on the planet a few years now and have seen lots of conspiracy theories come and go. Very few have proven true. I did some searching and found six that turned out to have some validity according to MentalFloss.com and author Austin Thompson. Some talk radio hosts would have us believe everything is... Continue Reading →

If I say something stupid…

These are the three elements of President Trump's rationalization following comments that the injecting bleach and UV light into the human body might be a way of eliminating COVID-19. He claimed the first one (sarcasm). His press secretary claimed the second (context). Dr. Brix claimed the third (unprepared). Here is his claim that he "was... Continue Reading →

Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate!

Raphael Warnock is pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church and is running against Doug Collins. His personal story is inspiring. I jumped at the chance to donate to the campaign of anyone running against Doug Collins. The fact that Raphael Warnock is pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King once served didn't influence my... Continue Reading →

What will his legacy be?

It's so very sad to watch a man trying to appear independent while acting as a puppet. For full interview: ABC News Update: William Barr's legacy is taking shape. As of June, 2020, all fears about Barr are being realized. We tax payers are supplying his salary, but he's only working for one man.

Cotton Candy

I emailed Senator Tom Cotton during the Senate Impeachment Trial encouraging him to vote to hear from witnesses. The following letter is what I received by email. This letter could have been written prior to hearing a single argument from the Senate floor. Below his letter is my short response. Thank you for pasting Mitch... Continue Reading →

Worship Music

I'm not a fan of laid back worship music, but Deitrich's words resonate with me. The tradition in which I was raised now seems to require undivided allegiance to political leadership that I find repulsive. Rather than being honest in riding his coattails of power for political gains while calling him out for corruption, they... Continue Reading →


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