This man needs a bigger shovel!

I catch myself wondering if our Vice President actually believes what he's saying while explaining the words and actions of the President. If he does, that concerns me because I question his judgment and grip on reality. If he doesn't believe what he's saying, then his lack of honesty concerns me. Either way, he's the... Continue Reading →

That’s Customer Service!

Several years ago, we purchased a Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. It served us well with almost daily use until last week when the on/off knob broke. I thought it would be an easy fix with some Gorilla Glue and a vice grip, but after a failed attempt, it was clear I needed a... Continue Reading →

“Get over it?”

I reserve the right to criticize any president, regardless of party. I have voted for both Republican and Democratic leaders over the years and have criticized those who received my vote and those who did not. I've never heard that folks need to "get over" an election until this one. Often, those being told to... Continue Reading →

Oh be careful little eyes what you read…

In a previous post, I shared how the president influenced my reading habits. I recently read the 448-page Report On the Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election in its entirety and came away with a better understanding of the lengths that Russia went to in an effort to influence our 2016 presidential... Continue Reading →

Praying for the President

Below is Franklin Graham’s appeal to set aside June 2 as a "Special Day of Prayer for President Trump." I'm not sure why a specific date is important or what supernatural power we should expect because a bunch of humans say prayers for a country's leader. I suspect it's more about generating political support, but... Continue Reading →

No, I will not share your post!

When I see "Bet you want repost this," or Let's see who isn't ashamed to repost this," my first thought is, "Kiss my ass!" Here are a few recent offenders. This statement about violating the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights is easy to reject, but I'm repulsed by the subtle repost dare regardless... Continue Reading →

Religious Persecution Card

Despite the claim above, I don't believe social media gives a damn about Donald Trump's quote from a National Day of Prayer speech. This post is one of many that scream of "religious persecution complex" (an irrational obsessive belief that one's religious beliefs are being trampled by non-believers or diverse thinkers). It's easier to blame failures... Continue Reading →

You’re not a pilot! Dick and Tommy Smothers' prophetic routine, originally dating back to at least 1997, comes off like an impression of the current president. The impersonation begins at 2:40 into the video. Not sure which courageous cabinet member Dick is imitating by questioning Tommy's lies. Must be a fictitious character.

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