Bearing no resemblance to prophets

Jack Graham, Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, wrote an article telling us why it is wise for Christians to support Donald Trump. If you accept his arguments at face value, then you might come away with some rationale for casting a vote for the incumbent. Not content to simply make his points for support, he... Continue Reading →

Republican Baptist Church of Dallas

Love the all caps "THINK" in this tweet, so similar to our president's writing style. A not-so-subtle message from Jeffress is that Democrats aren't welcome at First Baptist Church in Dallas or any "Bible-believing evangelical church" for that matter. I'm trying to hang onto some of my Christian beliefs, but religious leaders like Jeffress make it... Continue Reading →

No ping pong faith

Over the course of several years, I’ve grown into a doubter and questioner where personal faith is concerned. However, I am a hopeful doubter and find great joy in questions. I think our greatest concerns and struggles sometimes reveal our greatest loves. My love of the Creator has grown more real even as the lenses... Continue Reading →

T-Chart Contrasting Two Leaders

Sometimes the words of leaders reflect their deeper core values. A t-chart is a good tool for looking at contrasting ideas and I found it instructive looking at these two leaders as one resigns from his position.  ~Kindly

Strength to Speak Truth

I was impressed while listening to Fiona Hill's testimony. She has superior educational and professional credentials, but her clarity of thinking and communicating is amazing. She is unshakable and demonstrates integrity in every response. She also has the strength to speak truth in the face of powerful detractors, as the following quote reflects. I hope... Continue Reading →

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