Attack on Men?

Being lectured by Josh Hawley about what it means to be a man seemed absurd, but I listened to the whole twenty-six minutes. He seems interested in making the “attack on men” the next in a long line of grievances. During his talk, Hawley files many other grievances under the “attack on men” heading. A very efficient little trick, I thought…

There was much to disagree with here, but one glaring area was Hawley’s proposal that saying our country is systemically racist makes someone less of a man. I think being honest about your country’s history is an example of accepting responsibility, a good characteristic in any citizen, including men.

From watching Hawley’s actions and listening to his words over the last couple of years, I think he lacks credibility on the subject of being a good man. I know some good men, and Hawley is not one.

At the end of his talk, he pulled in a bit of scripture with Isaiah 61:4. It seemed out of context, but it added the ring of religiosity, which was its purpose. Well played, Mr. Hawley, but so predictable….

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  1. God help us all if this is where our national representation is heading. Myself, I think this “man” belongs behind bars for treason for his part in encouraging the rioters on Jan 6 and any part he played in planning it.

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