CPAC 2021 Highlights

No matter how you slice it, a golden statue of a former president was a bad idea, but it did inspire me to review several scriptures related to idol worship. I guess any Bible study is good Bible study, and I enjoyed Photoshopping the stature into this “Sunday School” art scene.

On a happier note (pardon the pun), the CPAC National Anthem raised some eyebrows and provided musicians with some unique practice opportunities to sharpen (pardon again) their transposing skills. These music theory exercises are the best thing to come out of CPAC 2021.

I admire his enthusiasm!
This piano player’s responses are priceless.

Seriously, when have you ever heard the Jeopardy theme fit so seamlessly with our National Anthem?

These are just four examples of reactions to this rendition to the National Anthem. I was left wondering if organizers of a conference don’t vet performer prior to subjecting them to possible embarrassment? Very unfortunate. One comment I read said, “This is an alternative National Anthem by Francis Scott Out-of-Key.”

One more style now in an a cappella vocal arrangement around the National Anthem.

Below is a possible transcription of the 2021 CPAC National Anthem. Someone mentioned that this would make a challenging sight singing test.

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  1. OMG!!! Those musicians were masterful! I’m not sure how they anticipated those abrupt and painful key changes. Truly awful and embarrassing!



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