Jared Kushner lectures us on “virtue signaling”

Virtue signaling – Definition: publicly expressing sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character.

I so appreciate receiving instruction from Jarod Kushner about why I express anger and disgust for the racial discrimination that has lurked in the background of my whole life.

Thankfully, my parents showed great respect for those of other races, but my hesitancy to approach those of another race when I was in high school disgusts me now. What wonderful friendships might I have discovered? Why didn’t I have the courage to simply take my lunch tray and sit with someone different than me! When given the opportunity, why didn’t I speak long and loud against discrimination?

Now, as an adult, when my anger finally boils over at open discrimination and continued suppression of voter rights, I don’t need the term “virtue signaling” directed my way by the likes of Jared Kushner. I feel only guilt and regret and am making no attempt to replace those feelings with virtue! Mr. Kushner, advisor to the president, can stick “virtue signaling” up his wealthy little ass.

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