Cherry-Picked Bible Study – Thoughts Behind Scripture Post.

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor, and Political Pundit, often posts scripture verses, and I find it interesting to read them in context rather than in isolation as he presents them.

The verses right before the one he posted provide glaring examples of scripture twisted for political and economic gain. After becoming a free man, Frederick Douglass said he would rather serve any master than a devout Christian because of their cruelty. It’s sad that today’s evangelical preachers can’t simply say things have changed over the years, and some common practices during Bible times were wrong and shouldn’t be looked to for spiritual or ethical guidance. Guess that’s a stretch since the Bible and our take on it must not change over time.

I enjoyed reading Colossians 3 in its entirety and found other verses relevant to today. Since I benefited from the review of chapter 3, I sent a couple of messages to Dr. Jeffress as thoughts came to mind. I doubt that he notices the ramblings of a commoner, but it is good for me to contemplate scripture, even if it’s with a critical eye. ~Kindly

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