“Priority-Access?” Thanks, but no.

I received the following from the campaign for Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 7.35.01 PM

My thoughts about receiving this…

  1. That the Trump campaign continues to describe me as a “top supporter” is odd to me. This stems from my clicking “yes” to take one of his surveys, but it wouldn’t send without a donation, so I thought that was that. I started getting daily emails after that.
  2. That anyone would think I might be interested in reading what one of the leading “state TV” “news” anchors writes is hilarious. I’ve listened to him regularly to keep my crap detector calibrated. I have no desire to have a copy of Sean Hannity’s book (signed or unsigned).
  3. The red priority access box is a nice touch, similar to other appeals I’ve received. Example: I can get my name put on a list of supporters that the president will see on his desk. On several, I could become a member of an exclusive level of supporters.  The emphasis on having my name recognized by the president is repulsive and somewhat exclusionary toward the “others” out there. He should want to be everyone’s president. Sadly, I’ve seen no evidence of him trying to include anyone but the loyal worshipers.

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