Why is This So Hard?

Trump Putin phone.001

Sometimes, issues are complex and it’s easy to understand why there might be  a hesitance to be confrontational. Other times, things are pretty simple.

Offer rewards for another country to kill United States soldiers, and it’s time be confront directly. Some of this stuff just isn’t that complicated unless you’re beholding to the one who you need to confront.  Here’s a suggestion for President Trump’s next Putin phone call –

My intelligence advisors are saying you offered bounties for Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers. I certainly don’t want to believe this about you, Vladimir, but if our intelligence turns out to be correct, and you or someone in your administration did this, there will be consequences that you will not like and that will put you in a bad light with your people. Our sanctions and other possible actions for such a deed would be very severe.

There, now that wasn’t so hard. ~ Kindly

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