If I say something stupid…

Saying Something Stupid0420.001

These are the three elements of President Trump’s rationalization following comments that the injecting bleach and UV light into the human body might be a way of eliminating COVID-19. He claimed the first one (sarcasm). His press secretary claimed the second (context). Dr. Brix claimed the third (unprepared).

Here is his claim that he “was asking a question sarcastically of reporters…to see what would happen…”

Here’s a recording of the actual comments that the president claims were a sarcastic question of reporters. It also has a little media attack that is part of every conference.

He says, “I’m no doctor, but I’m a person who has a good you-know-what.” He pointed at his head.

I would like to say the president was trolling liberal folks, but his varied defenses of what he said reveal his comments to be real words coming from an actual adult rather than someone trolling the media or folks on the left.

Of course, I see it so clearly now. He was just playing the media! The last two sentences are an example of sarcasm.  ~Kindly

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