Cotton Candy

I emailed Senator Tom Cotton during the Senate Impeachment Trial encouraging him to vote to hear from witnesses. The following letter is what I received by email. This letter could have been written prior to hearing a single argument from the Senate floor. Below his letter is my short response.

Letter Cotton

Thank you for pasting Mitch McConnell’s talking points into a letter to me. Interesting exercise in proof texting from available evidence. Your letter must have been written before Senate arguments, or you were not paying attention.

Good luck in your continued efforts to use the current president for political gains without causing lasting damage to the country and your legacy in the process. Your power grabs might be successful, but the damage will be lasting. History will speak shamefully of the current Senate’s legacy.



2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy

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  1. Just sad. The reps and sens from my former and current state are members of your Cotton’s tribe. Again sad.

    Just a comment on words, though…I am not sure I understand the use of “not” in the final sentence of your response to your not-so-honorable senator. It seems to me that he is using the president for his own political gains while simultaneously damaging the country and his own legacy. Correct me if I am misreading your message.

    ❤️ Kindly so much!



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