Bearing no resemblance to prophets

Jack Graham, Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, wrote an article telling us why it is wise for Christians to support Donald Trump. If you accept his arguments at face value, then you might come away with some rationale for casting a vote for the incumbent.

Not content to simply make his points for support, he veered off on the deep end of alternative reality as he sang the president’s praises in a way reminiscent of that early cabinet meeting when the members did a round-robin praise session. It’s interesting to watch this today because most of the cabinet members couldn’t kiss-up hard enough and are no longer there.

Some of Jack Graham’s gushing from his article is quoted below:

“Our president is vibrant and strong, which is exactly what America needs nationally and internationally.”

“…I have found our President to be warm, personable and welcoming. He respects people of faith and relies on their prayers. He listens and he listens to the concerns of those he trusts.”

“Among those in his administration and the White House, there are many Bible-believing Christians…These are bright, caring public servants who work for the president and practice their faith with the highest integrity…”

“We continue to support him because he has kept those promises (all of them)..”

It was embarrassing when those cabinet members poured out unearned praise, and it’s just as embarrassing to read the above quotes from a preacher. 

My problem isn’t that someone would vote in favor of a candidate that will get them what they want. I often hold my nose and vote for what I perceive as the lesser of two evils. If Trump benefits your self-interests, vote for him, but for heaven’s sake (and the reputation your religion), be willing to speak up about the things that don’t align with principles of Christianity or human decency.

Jack Graham might just as easily say, “The appointment of two conservative Supreme Court Justices and record appointments in the federal judiciary may support evangelical principles for generations to come. However, President Trump’s weak moral compass, habitual lies, and lack of credibility on the international stage are causes for concern.” That last added phrase (underlined) would be a career-ender for someone in Jack Graham’s position.

Speaking with balance would also result in attacks on other religious leaders currently riding a wave of political power (Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, and Paula White-Cain, to name a few). These pastors sing only praises, unlike prophets with principles who confronted wrong regardless of consequences. These modern-day religious leaders are like any other presidential staff members, unable to express anything short of pure loyalty for fear of being targeted by a president who demands total approval.

Nathan & David copySadly, there are no present day Nathans calling out political leaders in parable to confront wrongdoing (2 Samuel 12). Today’s “prophets” might say, “You are the man,” (verse 7) but the phrase bears no resemblance to being prophetic.


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