Republican Baptist Church of Dallas

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Love the all caps “THINK” in this tweet, so similar to our president’s writing style. A not-so-subtle message from Jeffress is that Democrats aren’t welcome at First Baptist Church in Dallas or any “Bible-believing evangelical church” for that matter. I’m trying to hang onto some of my Christian beliefs, but religious leaders like Jeffress make it a challenge.

Some of these Democratic leaders he regularly tweets against might be voting for impeachment with full knowledge that the Senate will not remove the president and that there will be political costs. Some Democrats vote for impeachment because they feel obligated to object to a president using the power of his office to influence a future election in attempts to retain his office (and his power). I realize these are probably farfetched notions to Robert Jeffress, but these thoughts align with my thinking, a man who has read the Constitution of the United States and spent a lifetime sitting under Biblical preaching in Baptist Churches.

It’s sad to see a “man of God” wasting his prophetic resources on politics, but I guess this reflects priorities. Thank you, Dr. Jeffress, for confirming the preconceptions many have about the closed-mindedness of evangelicals! I file your tweets under Dr. Robert Jeffress, Puppet Pastor, at the Republican Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.

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