Paula White revisited…In the interest of my crap detector’s calibration

Paula White tweet111619

I should ignore this “religious leader’s” words, but that’s not good for my crap detector and runs the risk of knocking it out of calibration. An added benefit to looking at this “prayer” tweet is that she’s got me reading the Book of Job, which I’ve long neglected.

Seems like wishful and arrogant thinking to say every word spoken against someone is “cancelled and will not come to fruition.” Unfortunately, words are never “cancelled.” I’ve said words and then wished I could retrieve them. It can’t be done. If words spoken against someone are true, they should be heard, not dismissed.

Sometimes arrogance masquerades as faith. Some folks think that if they pray it, that makes it so. Maybe we should approach prayer with humility and the understanding that we are not the Most High Creator of the Universe.

Paula then moves to the tried and true trap image as if others have “laid a pit” for the subject of this prayer. The truth is that others (be they detractors, friends, enemies, or the devil) have NOT laid a trap for this person. The subject of this prayer creates his own traps and then steps into them because he will not listen to wise counsel.

Finally, Paula declares that God has put a “hedge of protection around you that fear The Lord.” Since she brought up the hedge reference, I had a quick look at the Book of Job (that’s Job with a long O). In Job 1:10 it says God put a hedge of protection around Job, his family, and everything he owns. It further states that God blessed the work of Job’s hands.

Scripture says that old Job was a pretty devout fella. He was described as “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil.” Placing a thorny hedge around his living area to keep wild animals and evil out would be a pretty reasonable thing for God to do in the story of Job.

“Hedge of protection” seems out of place in Paula’s tweet-prayer. A hedge would do little to protect someone who is creating evil by the daily work of his own hands.   ~Kindly

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