Is prayer a numbers game?

“If so many believers spent just a portion of the time praying for him that they spend complaining about and criticizing the president, there would be a lot more prayers being lifted up and much more good would be accomplished.” -Joseph Parker radio host

I’m trying to unpack Joseph Parker’s meaning here. He clearly says we need to stop criticizing the president and spend more time praying for him because THEN much more good would be accomplished. It sounds like the Creator of the Universe is stuck on idle until he hears from a good number of folks.

This is just one of the many things people say about prayer that puzzles me. Earlier in his article, Parker implies that praying daily for the president is being obedient to God’s command. His referenced passage (Timothy 2:1-4) doesn’t actually say anything about how often. While I think daily prayer and reflective time are good things, I don’t think the Creator of the Universe is going to get all worked up if I miss a few days.

I’ll continue to reserve the right to be critical of political leaders. That said, I will also pray for leaders. I think it is possible to do both of these things at the same time.  ~Kindly

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  1. Exactly. Often the most vocal Christians give themselves WAY too much credit for directing the actions of the Creator. If the President would spend more time heeding the advice of the few intelligent people who are still speaking to him and attempting to guide him, instead of belittling and harassing anyone who disagrees with him and demeaning anyone who is not a WASP, perhaps so much praying would not be necessary. Perhaps we would have a real President instead of an idiot-in-charge occupying the Oval Office.

    Speak on, Kindly! Maybe you should be tweeting…that seems to garner djt’s attention. 🤗



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