Hollow words, Dr. Jeffress…and I don’t want to go on your cruise!

Jeffress tweet1

Hearing canned comments from political and religious leaders after mass shootings rings hollow. Especially tiresome are the generic statements with hints of religious phraseology such as “bind their wounds” and extolling “the power of prayer” (Gov. Abbott).

Dr. Jeffress says, “We know that the Lord is close to the broken hearted.” Jeffress is one of the great enablers of political leaders’ racist rhetoric rather than being a voice of accountability. To my ears, his words calling for prayer lack credibility. He could support conservative policies without accepting the whole package, but I guess he fears attacks/tweets just like any other political leader.

It appears that a homegrown white national terrorist may have caused the El Paso deaths. Only in America! 

Dr. Robert Jeffress is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. The above tweet was followed by the next tweet one hour later. Really bad timing! Doing his part to give religion, especially evangelicals a bad name!

Jeffress tweet2

The cruise prices range from $2,058 to $4,598 per person. I’d like to see Alaska but being stuck on a cruise ship with this religious leader would feel like punishment.

I wonder what the benefit is to Jeffress? Does he receive a free or discounted cruise? Does he receive compensation for recruiting passengers? Maybe he just wants to be a blessing to others, others with financial means that is.

Jeffress letter

Below is the sales pitch letter on the Inspiration Cruises website. Dr. Jeffress says, “I can’t imagine a more spiritually fulfilling way to ‘get away’ for summer travel than an experience like this cruise!… Join me in Alaska! I promise the {$2,058 to $4,598} experience  will draw you closer to Him (God) than ever before.”

What a load of hype!

Jeffress letter on cruise

2 thoughts on “Hollow words, Dr. Jeffress…and I don’t want to go on your cruise!

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  1. Was the faith of our youth always this hollow? I always knew it was fundamentally racist (which never made sense to me…”red and yellow, black and white”)…but I thought there was a fundamental premise of “love thy neighbor”. Not any more. 😡



  2. Yes, the evangelical branch of Christianity has long had a racial undercurrent, but the waves of change brought it to the surface. This could have been an opportunity for leaders to call out the racism and hatefulness, like prophets through history have done, bringing evangelical Christianity into a new and more relevant position. Sadly, those in high places are empty vessels.


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