I’m one of his favorites!

Trump survey

Love the first question on this poll. No evidence of bias here! I took the survey and made it to the donation page where I was unable to enter $0. under amount.

Since then, I’ve become one of Trump’s “BEST supporters,” according to today’s email. President Trump really wants to meet me in Cleveland for dinner. I can’t believe he’s unlocking “an exclusive DOUBLE-ENTRY” for little old me!  As much as it hurts me to miss this opportunity, I’ll send him a tweet with regrets that I will be unable to attend.

Trump email

July 13 – And the emails keep coming. They provide interesting reading. I found the first sentence laughable. Trump has catered to everything swampy about Washington DC. I don’t have a dollar to spare for his campaign, but I know his messages will continue.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 5.39.57 PM

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