That’s Customer Service!

coffee grinderSeveral years ago, we purchased a Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. It served us well with almost daily use until last week when the on/off knob broke. I thought it would be an easy fix with some Gorilla Glue and a vice grip, but after a failed attempt, it was clear I needed a new knob.

I visited the company website and sent an email to customer service, receiving an immediate automated response saying someone would be contacting me. I rolled my eyes and wondered if I’d ever hear back. Within a few hours, a real human emailed.

Thanks for reaching out to Baratza support!
You can purchase a replacement knob here:
However, I’d be happy to send you one for free in this instance. Is the address you have listed below good to ship to?

IMG_CoffeeGrinderknobThat was June 17th. On June 21st, I received the pictured envelope, and a brand new knob meaning our Baritza Encore Grinder is back in business.

If it ever does wear out, I wonder what kind of grinder will replace it? With their quick replacement of that .12-oz knob and efficient customer service, I’m a Baratza customer for life!

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