I was wrong.

best people1When Donald Trump was elected, I didn’t panic. I thought he would surround himself with “the best people,” or at least decent people, and take their advice. I knew his policies might be damaging to the environment, but maybe his economic policies would be beneficial to the working class. I hoped that he would “grow into the job” somewhat.

I was wrong. Wrong about all of that!

Trump has made me appreciate the free press, or as he calls it, “fake news.” He has influenced my reading habits in positive ways and I now proudly subscribe to the Washington Post, a publication he detests.

In the long view of history, I wonder if Trump’s presidency might have a positive effect in that it has brought the importance of three functioning branches of government into our public conversation and the importance of looking for competency, and a small portion of integrity, when selecting our political leaders.

I hope I’m not wrong.


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  1. Once again, Amen. I had the same thoughts when the reality of djt’s election to the highest office in the land sank in. What you describe is what any politically inexperienced, knowledge-deficient, sane person would have done upon finding himself President of the United States and leader of the free world. Sadly, the final quality is lacking in djt. A full-blown narcissistic megalomaniac cannot admit any sign of weakness. He knows only the techniques for self-promoting and manipulation of people both individually and en masse. And it’s not pretty. Chaos rarely is…but it’s the milieu of narcissism.

    The electoral college, which is supposed to equalize voting power and protect us from this kind of person being elected, failed us miserably this time. The true will of the people was not upheld.

    Once again, I cling to your attempt at optimism…it’s really our only path.



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