Kicking a Dead Man

Trump McCain tweet-1

The following was no surprise. Of course, The President of the United States will declare this “fake news” even as he spews three falsehoods in one tweet.

Trump’s tweet contained three errors. McCain, a member of the Naval Academy’s class of 1958, graduated fifth from last in his class. The senator was not aware of the Steele dossier until Nov. 18, 2016 — after Trump had won the election. And there is no evidence that McCain gave the dossier to the media. The Washington Post, March 17, 2019

John McCain was a good man, a person of character and someone who made great sacrifices during the Vietnam War. That he wrote openly of his poor performance and rebellion at the Naval Academy impressed me. He was self-deprecating and had a keen sense of humor. Most of us couldn’t qualify for the Naval Academy, so the man 5th from the bottom of the class appears to have been pretty sharp.

His politics didn’t always match mine, but that’s what makes democracy work. That the sitting president continues to attack a dead man is embarrassing, but I imagine he does it to “gaslight” us so we miss other lies and destructive actions. The crazier our president gets, the more we need to pay attention.

There’s more? On March 20, Donald Trump received a quiet response as he spoke at a tank plant and repeated his negative and comments about John McCain. I think the fact that he doubles down on these absurd statements confirms my suspicion that he’s trying to deflect our attention from other things.

Interesting that McCain, months after his death, is able to haunt our president.

Still more? (March 21) Evidently President Trump was wrong in claiming that he had to approve John McCain’s National Cathedral funeral. Or, maybe he was just bullshitting us during his tank factory speech.

Statement from the National Cathedral  “No funeral at the Cathedral requires the approval of the president or any other government official.”  Washington Post 

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  1. trump cant help himself he is a chronic liar and a constant boaster of things he has never done!.hat my friends is a mental illness in itself. not to mention his total uncaring about others. he only takes care of himself. no one else matters.


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