Turning From Faith With Relief and Grief – Is there music for me?

Much of what I once considered part of personal faith has fallen away as irrelevant, trivial or toxic to life. Over the years, I’ve gradually turned away from much of today’s organized religion and many of the tenets that denominations debate between themselves. Though I still attend services, I now feel relief and grief sitting side by side with me in the church pew.

Something at my core believes in one who is greater, a creator. What I cannot abide is a “guy in the sky” patriarchal god who predominates many churches and often demonstrates bazaar influences in politics, usually identifying those to be excluded from grace.

Rich Mullins, who led a tortured and short life, wrote music that ministers to my somewhat faithless soul.

Gungor is more recent than Rich Mullins and probably better known for their departure from traditionally acceptable thinking than for their music. I like them very much!

When I need to regain hope, one of my favorite poet-musicians reminds me that “it’s love that wrote this play, so that in this darkness, love can show the way.”

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