Our president appreciates good branding

Since our president seems to be in disarray right now, I prepared this slide to help with his branding efforts.

I liked the analogy someone shared today. He compared Donald Trump’s leadership to that of a less-than-successful retail store manager. Fox News would be his regional manager. Rush Limbaugh is his area manager and Vladimir Putin is his CEO.

The challenge that has him rattled is that they all want different things and he just doesn’t know what to do to keep them all happy. Tough little negotiating assignment, but it sounds like he’s trying to distance himself from the shutdown that he recently bragged he’d be “proud” to initiate.

“We’re going to be working very hard to get something passed in the Senate,” Trump said earlier Friday in the Oval Office. “Now it’s up to the Democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown tonight. I hope we don’t, but we’ve very much prepared for a long shutdown.” Washington Post

No doubt about it. It’s a Trump shutdown and less-than-effective negotiating skills on full display!

Trump Shutdown pic.001

Update for January 4, 2019: President Trump has said he prefers the term “strike” over “shutdown.”  I don’t see what he accomplishes with the change in working. Workers would normally make the decision to strike where business or governmental leaders would make the decision to shutdown a business or government. At any rate, here’s my small effort to help with his rebranding of the shutdown as the Trump Strike…

trump strike


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