War on Christmas?

Nativity No

Around this time of year, the war on Christmas cranks up. I came across the post at the end of this message, and my crap detector sounded an alarm. Sure enough, it’s B.S., and I doubt that Jesus would be pleased to see this chintzy image plastered across social media to promote contrived persecution and conflict.

Far from benign, this reoccurring imaginary war on Christmas damages what might have been seen by doubters (myself included) as a sincere celebration of the birth of Christ.

This war on Christmas gives the devout a place to focus their attention but does nothing to promote anything remotely resembling the message of forgiveness and healing, supposedly central precepts in the Christian message.

Sadly, what we often see at this “most wonderful time of year” is a bunch of angry religious folks with petty complaints that they can’t say “Merry Christmas” when they most certainly can, or claiming that social media sites are trying to remove their nativity posts when they most certainly are not!

Celebrating the season by doing acts of kindness might impress those outside of the faith more than fighting imaginary wars.

Nativity 1

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