Critical of a Leader?

I reserve the right to criticize the president of the United States. I have been critical of presidents in the past, even those who received my vote.

Some supporters of our present president are thin-skinned and easily offended when it comes to criticism? Part of the explanation for this might be found in the leader they follow. He is fond of calling legitimate criticism harassment. Harassment is usually defined as conduct which threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety.

Trump tweets harassment.001.001

I’ve had the privilege of working for and with leaders who were strong enough to take a little criticism. I’ve occasionally disagreed with these leaders and found them willing to listen and work with conflicting ideas. Their ability to work with conflict reflected their character and strength. Those qualities were distributed to subordinates who then reflected the values of their leader. 

Imagine working for the current administration where failure to agree with even the most absurd positions and conspiracy theories results in total rejection for disloyalty. Imagine working in Congress (an independent branch of government) where the slightest lack of blind adherence results in a tweet-storm of scalding personal criticism with degrading nicknames assigned from the executive branch of that same government. Our present president doesn’t exhibit the qualities of a strong leader. ~Kindly Curmudgeon

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