Twelve or Ninety-Two Million?

Trump French parade
Trump saluting French troops with President Emmanuel Macron

President Donald J. Trump managed to avoid military service. He now wants a military parade on the taxpayers’ tab. Early cost estimates were twelve million for his little procession. Not an unreasonable expense to keep the little boy-man happy.

Estimates for the president’s parade have now soared to ninety-two million. Twelve or ninety-two? These are piss-ant little numbers to an egotistical, self-obsessed person who wants to be seen as Commander and Chief, standing to salute a procession of our country’s military might.

Trump’s parade is a terrible example of “keeping up with the Joneses…or the Macrons.” He saw one in France and now wants one for himself.

Hitler parade
Decoration and staging ideas for Trump’s parade



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