Direct Sales Mailing

CarShield_1Notice the underlined wording in this CarShield letter that questioned why I hadn’t contacted their company. I might have tossed it in the trash without a second thought had there not been a customer number posted. I looked up their website, and it looked legit. Maybe they need a new writer or copy editor for their marketing materials.

The fact that I’d recently handled the same letter for my parents made this second experience with CarShield a little more annoying. My mother was concerned about the letter she received and afraid she had failed to take care of something. I was pissed but calmly called the company and had my parents removed from the CarShield mailing list.

After looking briefly at this letter to my address, I called the company’s number. The person answering seemed professional and listened as I began to read the letter to her. She indicated that she was aware of the letter and it was only a piece of paper, and I should throw it away. I asked why I received this letter. I asked why there was a customer number on the letter when I wasn’t a customer.

The lady fell from her professional persona and said that she receives mailings from Domino’s Pizza and finds them annoying but doesn’t call the company to complain. I noted that Domino’s mailings and such are sent to current resident and don’t post a customer number. Both of us were agitated by this point. She indicated that I wold be removed from their mailing list and I said thanks. We shall see.

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