You’re not a pilot! Dick and Tommy Smothers' prophetic routine, originally dating back to at least 1997, comes off like an impression of the current president. The impersonation begins at 2:40 into the video. Not sure which courageous cabinet member Dick is imitating by questioning Tommy's lies. Must be a fictitious character.

The Face of Christian Terrorism

“We can’t pretend as though we didn’t have some responsibility for him — he was radicalized into white nationalism from within the very midst of our church.”  Statement by the pastor of John Earnest's evangelical church.  “I did not choose to be a Christian. The Father chose me. The Son saved me. And the Spirit keeps me.”... Continue Reading →

It remains to be seen…

BS doesn't play well when read in historical context. William Barr, Attorney General, may discover this with the passing of time. It remains to be seen. I wrote the two sentences above on April 10 and then abandoned this post. Now, on April 30, I understand that the passing of time has happened very quickly.... Continue Reading →

Thank you Stephen Colbert!

I like the clarity and humor that Stephen Colbert draws from our sometimes tragic political news. I found this quote from the 2015 book strangely prophetic. “We are no longer a leader. Putin has become the leader, and it's an embarrassment to our country.” Donald J. Trump 

cherry-picking scripture

The words that follow are some hard sayings at the heart of Christian teaching. Both Luke and Matthew record Jesus as saying the words that later became known as Beatitudes. Kurt Vonnegut's comments contrasting the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes are relevant to today's "Christianity," more specifically "Evangelical "Christianity," that puts political agendas above teachings and... Continue Reading →

I was wrong.

When Donald Trump was elected, I didn't panic. I thought he would surround himself with "the best people," or at least decent people, and take their advice. I knew his policies might be damaging to the environment, but maybe his economic policies would be beneficial to the working class. I hoped that he would "grow into... Continue Reading →

iconic incompetence Betsy DeVos is an iconic representative of our president's "best people." Asked what evidence-based research supports her class size proposal she says, "Well, that must be in my written testimony." I laughed to the point of tears, but the sad part is that she's just the tip of the iceberg of incompetence now occupying important... Continue Reading →

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