James Comey’s memos

I'm saving this link to James Comey's memos on his meetings with President Trump because I want to be able to easily access them in the future. They make interesting reading in spite of the redactions. According to this article in the Washington Post, James Comey's handling of his memos does not merit charges. This... Continue Reading →

“Make sure the president sees your name…”

My comments at a fictitious political rally for the now fictitious Republican Party.... What's up with the emphasis on our president seeing my name on his list of donors? Can't you picture him carefully reviewing the list while sitting in the Oval Office, and taking note that I'm represented among his contributors. (Murmurs in the... Continue Reading →

Poetic justice?

It might be poetic justice, but more importantly, another demonstration of the lack of organization/competence in our country's administration. Why wouldn't a president's advance team have media files for such a standard request, especially if they make demands for graphics at the last minute? Who lost a job over this? Some low level audio visual... Continue Reading →

My name is not on his patriot list.

This email says the President himself wants the Official 2020 Presidential Founder "FINAL list of American Patriots on his desk" by this very morning that I am typing these words. I received this email because my name doesn't appear on the list. While I greatly appreciate the personal touch, I took great pleasure in knowing... Continue Reading →


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