My name is not on his patriot list.

This email says the President himself wants the Official 2020 Presidential Founder "FINAL list of American Patriots on his desk" by this very morning that I am typing these words. I received this email because my name doesn't appear on the list. While I greatly appreciate the personal touch, I took great pleasure in knowing... Continue Reading →

Religious entitlement?

A good portion of believers say things like “God has been removed from schools” or “bring back prayer in schools.”  I work in the schools and disagree with these statements, but my purpose here is not to say God and prayer are present, which they are, but to question the thinking behind such statements. They... Continue Reading →

I’m one of his favorites!

Love the first question on this poll. No evidence of bias here! I took the survey and made it to the donation page where I was unable to enter $0. under amount. Since then, I've become one of Trump's "BEST supporters," according to today's email. President Trump really wants to meet me in Cleveland for... Continue Reading →

“The stupid have an answer for every question.”

My morning prayer inspired by Edward Abbey: Deliver me from easy answers and trivial thinking. Grant me the strength and work-ethic to delve into the infinite mysteries of life, the needs of others, and the wonders of our natural world. Help me to not be stupid. ~ Kindly

A bizarre question…

Above is my response to the question, "Do you think a woman could really be elected president?" That we ask this question is just as absurd as wondering if the country is ready for another man as president. I guess these strange statements and questions are understandable in a country that only allowed women to... Continue Reading →

Response to a scam

  June 25, 2019  To whom it may concern,  I apologize that my mother has not responded to your repeated appeal for funds. After searching for information about Police Officers Support Association, we determined that we would indeed adjust the amount of our monthly payment as you recommended in your letter. The new amount will... Continue Reading →

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