Jared Kushner lectures us on “virtue signaling”

Virtue signaling – Definition: publicly expressing sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character. I so appreciate receiving instruction from Jarod Kushner about why I express anger and disgust for the racial discrimination that has lurked in the background of my whole life. Thankfully, my parents showed great respect for those of other races, but my... Continue Reading →

The Ballot and Democracy Under Attack

The following was written by a friend, critical thinker, and clear communicator. I think John Antonetti's words are important for us to hear right now. Someone recently said that whatever we're doing right now is what we'll one day tell our kids we were doing when democracy was being destroyed. It's time to speak up!... Continue Reading →

Jerry Falwell Jr. shows The Liberty Way

I guess young Jerry is the president of Liberty University by virtue of having been raised in the home of Jerry Fallwell, the evangelical preacher. Strange way to get a gig! There must be some rowdy students at Jerry Falwell Junior's Liberty University. I don't know how I got through college without this extensive list of... Continue Reading →

A willingness to confess? Probably not.

I suspected subtle racism in my church when I was young. I was raised in an evangelical church that was a friendly place.  I used to ask questions of adults who worked with our youth department and received only silent, pained looks. Examples: "Why doesn't Mr. Tom (the black custodian) come to worship services?" "Why... Continue Reading →

“Priority-Access?” Thanks, but no.

I received the following from the campaign for Donald Trump. My thoughts about receiving this... That the Trump campaign continues to describe me as a "top supporter" is odd to me. This stems from my clicking "yes" to take one of his surveys, but it wouldn't send without a donation, so I thought that was... Continue Reading →

Why is This So Hard?

Sometimes, issues are complex and it's easy to understand why there might be  a hesitance to be confrontational. Other times, things are pretty simple. Offer rewards for another country to kill United States soldiers, and it's time be confront directly. Some of this stuff just isn't that complicated unless you're beholding to the one who... Continue Reading →

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