Attack on Men?

Being lectured by Josh Hawley about what it means to be a man seemed absurd, but I listened to the whole twenty-six minutes. He seems interested in making the “attack on men” the next in a long line of grievances. During his talk, Hawley files many other grievances under the “attack on men” heading. A... Continue Reading →

CPAC 2021 Highlights

No matter how you slice it, a golden statue of a former president was a bad idea, but it did inspire me to review several scriptures related to idol worship. I guess any Bible study is good Bible study, and I enjoyed Photoshopping the stature into this "Sunday School" art scene. On a happier note... Continue Reading →

Who Is Jesus?

To find Jesus as an adult, I've spent several years quietly rejecting past concepts of him. Easiest to reject is the Jesus of evangelicals.

Jared Kushner lectures us on “virtue signaling”

Virtue signaling – Definition: publicly expressing sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character. I so appreciate receiving instruction from Jarod Kushner about why I express anger and disgust for the racial discrimination that has lurked in the background of my whole life. Thankfully, my parents showed great respect for those of other races, but my... Continue Reading →

The Ballot and Democracy Under Attack

The following was written by a friend, critical thinker, and clear communicator. I think John Antonetti's words are important for us to hear right now. Someone recently said that whatever we're doing right now is what we'll one day tell our kids we were doing when democracy was being destroyed. It's time to speak up!... Continue Reading →

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